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You were just waiting for the light to change. You heard screeching tires and the crash of metal crunching. Your head whips around, you have been rear-ended and it was over before you knew. First, you are surprised, then angry, then in pain.

What just happened could have devastating effects on your life for the next hours, days and weeks. What you do about it can effect you for the rest of your life.

Always go to the emergency room.  Rule out life threatening injuries. Then call your chiropractor.  He will coach you on what to do for the next 12-72 hours.  He will help your ligaments and tendons to heal quickly with minimal scar tissue.  Pain pills from your M.D. won't heal ligaments.  Muscle relaxants won't heal torn muscles.  Collars do not restore motion to your neck joints.

Specific chiropractic care is essential to ensure proper healing. Chiropractic care will help you get well and stay well after a whiplash trauma.

Results of a retrospective study suggest that chiropractic care benefits most patients with chronic whiplash.  In a study of patients with chronic whiplash, 93% (26) of patients improved with chiropractic treatment.  This improvement was noted independent of whether assessed by an orthopedic surgeon or a chiropractor.

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