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Technically, sciatica is any pain from the low back to the lower leg along the sciatic nerve.  Realistically, it is another frustrating sign that you are wearing out.  Think of all the accidents you have had from high school athletics.  Throw in your auto accidents.  Add your extra pounds and mix in the poor posture and lack of exercise.  You have the recipe for the middle-aged pain that extends down one or both legs.  Spinal decay with thinned discs and arthritic bone spurs intrude on nerves causing sciatica.

You are in luck; safe, natural and gentle chiropractic adjustments often relieve the pain over time. Chiropractic care restores proper spinal balance, safely and comfortably. Many sciatic sufferers are able to resume their lives after chiropractic and be pain free without drugs or surgery.
"My pain was in the lower back, numbness in my foot and the inside of my shin. It was so bad at times I couldn't perform my duties at work. I couldn't stand up for long period of time. My first impression of my care was unreal, fantastic, fabulous. Masters Chiropractic is 'da best'. There are only two doctors that I have really, really enjoyed seeing. Masters Chiropractic gives me the "aloha" and the care that they give all of their patients. The doc's and staff I hold dear in my heart. I feel 100% now- better than ever!"
Traditional medical treatment according to the disease model has failed.  Avoid excessive bed rest.  Physical therapy: there is no adequate evidence of its effectiveness.  Spinal manipulation: one of the two treatments of proven value.  The last ten years produced a lot of scientific evidence to support the value of manipulation. Early active exercise: the other treatment supported by good evidence.

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