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Back Pain

Back Pain

The second most common reason for visits to the family doctor is for low back pain.  Eighty percent of us will have a serious episode of low back pain at some time in our lives.  The cause of low back pain is not because of a shortage of aspirin in the body.  And the single biggest predictor of having low back pain is having had it at some time in the past.  Frustrating, yes?

No. There is an abundance of information on how to relieve your low back pain naturally and quickly.  If your pain is caused by joints in your back that are not moving correctly, then nerves and muscles become irritated.  The discs or pads between the backbones may bulge and irritate nerves nearby. The doctor of chiropractic will carefully examine these potential areas for the underlying cause of your pain.  If you are a candidate for spinal manipulation, the goal of care will be to eliminate the pain and also restore the function of the back.   A chronic low back problem is a recurring problem with periodic flair ups.  It is best managed with spinal manipulation and specific exercises.
" I had been in continuous severe low back pain for 23 years. I shaved each day holding onto the sink in pain. I had been to Wheeler Clinic, Hickam Clinic, local chiropractors and mainland chiropractors. Then I found Masters Chiropractic. They were accurate, fair, informative and structured. Now I can mow the lawn with a push mower, wash the car, walk my dog two miles without feeling drained of energy and press 40 pounds over my head. I feel ten years younger. I exercise daily and get monthly adjustments for prevention- not just for cure."

Patients who receive spinal manipulation with exercise for acute low back pain will improve more and faster than patients who receive exercise alone. The difference between the groups appears early. Spinal manipulation also appears to be cost-effective.
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