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  • Dawn Davidson

    Dawn started working for Dr. Masters on November 4th, 1993.  She was 26 years old and new to Hawaii.  When she applied for a chiropractic therapist position in a group interview - she and all the rest were rejected by Dr. Masters as no one was qualified for the position.  Even though she had worked for several chiropractic clinics in Washington, and each time had risen from the lowest position to running the office in a short time, Dr. Masters was not about to hire someone that got off the plane a week ago.  He had been abandoned too many times by individuals who found working in paradise had a long list of disadvantages.

    As she walked across the parking lot pondering another rejection - 'too smart', 'only worked for those crazy chiropractors' - she turned around and in her now famous manner, confronted Dr. Masters and insisted that he hire her.  'I am qualified - I can do the job - give me a test and I will prove it!'  The rest is history.

    Dr. Masters is fully aware that Dawn is the brain, and has the people skills, of the front office, and he and Dr. Hirai are the brains, and have the technical skills, in the back of the office.

    That combination, for 20 years, has allowed Masters Back and Neck Pain Relief Center to reach the goal of turning lives around and teaching wellness after the pain has been resolved.  Without that combination of personality and technical skill, who knows - even Dr. Masters may have left for the mainland by now.  Your health has been influenced by that determined 26 year old - Thank her the next time you are in the office.

    Why has she stayed for 20 years?  She had already embraced the proactive, conservative and natural approach to health management before she left Oregon.  With Dr. Masters, and now Dr. Hirai's, skill she is excited daily about he miracles of chiropractic care.  She is confident in the doctors' abilities when she is greeting a new patient - she is comfortable in the ethical and rapid results that will be achieved in a short time.