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Neck Pain

Neck Pain

Think of a balancing a bowling ball on your hand. Now hold the ball forward a couple of inches and feel the immediate muscle tension in your arm and shoulder. Your head weighs about as much as a bowling ball. When your neck curve is correct and your neck joints move normally- you have no neck pain. When your nerves are free and clear of irritation and your posture is balanced with relaxed muscles- you have no neck pain. But, change the curve, lock the joints, irritate the nerves, tense the muscles and hunch your shoulders- you will have neck pain.

Aspirin, analgesics or pain pills never cure the above mechanical causes of neck pain. The answer is a mechanical solution to improve joint motion and increase nerve function. Alignment of curves and spinal vertebrae with strengthened neck muscles provide lasting relief. The doctor of chiropractic dedicates his professional career to locating these underlying mechanical causes and helping you correct them.
"I tried to get used to living with severe neck and head pain. I had difficulty breathing due to an asthmatic condition. I had been to medical doctors and chiropractors on the mainland, but I found Masters Chiropractic to be more thorough and explanatory. I committed myself to their treatment program and the results are wonderful! I can breath much better and walk without gasping for air. My neck is improved 90%. I feel very good, and at my age, ninety one, I am very thankful."

The program that makes a 91-year-old feel that good is based on the following chiropractic concepts.

  1. Health comes from within.
  2. Health is a natural condition of the body.
  3. Chiropractic cares for people not treating the disease.
  4. Chiropractic helps improve health and restore internal resistance to disease. Chiropractic does not treat external cause of disease.
  5. The patient is the center of care. The disease or symptom is not the center of care.
  6. Health is multidimensional and not just physical.
  7. Some things are not measurable.
  8. Science only acknowledges what it can quantify. Therefore, it is materialistic.
  9. The wisdom inherent in the body is capable of maintaining the body in health if there is no interference in its functioning.
  10. Ultimate responsibility for health is the patient's.
  11. The role of the doctor of chiropractic is to unleash the natural healing power within the body.